Bernard Callet and Patrick Hilaire have shared these values for two decades,

to offer all the emotions of a great wine.

This is the story of a meeting that built up Domaine Coudoulis its reputation.

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When Bernard Callet bought the estate in 1996, he knew the strength and character of this fabulous soil but he had to show patience and attention.

For ten years, he was there, every day with the existing team, to learn the job, understand his terroir and accept its demands.

Observing, learning, to be able to move forward and create cuvées worthy of the Domaine were the first necessary steps. This lasted for ten years but the potential was undoubtedly there.

Bernard Callet decided to call Patrick Hilaire who had worked on the most famous vineyards and wanted to express the essence of his skills to which Bernard Callet was open.

The two men set the fundamentals of the philosophy of the Domaine and thought over the manner of working on this terroir:
Always listen to the vine.
Be sincere and take responsibility for their choices.

This new decade was the devoted to the Cuvées of the Domaine Coudoulis.



When ambition mingles with emotion: letting Cru Lirac express its subtle character and become an indispensable key reference among the great wines of the Vallée du Rhône.

An exceptional location: The Domaine Coudoulis is a 28 hectares continuous setting, on a terrace overlooking the village of Saint-Laurent-Des-Arbres and its medieval castle.

An exceptional terroir : a soil rich in round pebbles.

Traditional varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault and Mourvèdre.

Gobelet and Cordon-trained vines,swept by the Mistral wind…

The original and generous Cru Lirac has an uncompromising image.

At the service of this demanding universe and the respect of its veracity, all the crafts of the Domaine Coudoulis work daily to reveal the unique character of Cru Lirac.



The perfect match: authenticity and modernity. This is obvious for the Domaine Coudoulis.

Bernard Callet and Patrick Hilaire know it: to-day preparing the best cuvees means respect of tradition mingling with innovation.



Picking & sorting the grapes by hand



In 2012 Bernard Callet and Patrick Hilaire decided to start again from a blank page to offer the Domaine an exceptional cellar:

Wine making and ageing in concrete vat.

Ageing in new oak barrels in a cellar for barrels.

Cooling the vats with cooling system integrated in the walls.

Haversting cooler.



Boldness and humility and above all… moving forward.

The Coudoulis men and women have made it their motto.

Enthusiasm is not an empty word.

Whether at the Domaine in Saint-Laurent-Des-Arbres, or at the wine shop in Castillon du Gard, or at the encounter of world-wide customers, all the team is proud to share and present exceptional wines.



Every year the Cuvées of the Domaine are noticed and rewarded in the whole world. It is not a matter of chance: the permanent research of perfection can be found in each vintage. The will not to stress the soil, the right balance between a traditional know-how and the minimalist use of technology are the guarantees to taste very great wines. With emotion.

CUVEE HOMMAGE: A special cuvée had to symbolise the richness of its terroir.

Born in 2010 the Cuvée Hommage honours its soil.

It matures in new french oak barrels and it is a blend of Grenache and Syrah.
The best vineyard parcels are selected to offer each vintage all the subtleties of Cru Lirac.

Also available in magnum.

CUVEE LIRAC TRADITIONNEL: All the authentic expression of the Domaine is in this cuvée.

A blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault with peperry touches and a note of red fruits.

This is THE Cru Lirac with beautifully smooth tannins.

Also available in magnum.

Cuvée G & S: Exclusive, secretive and highly coveted.

Two exceptional cuvées in very limited and numbered series. It is a gift from the terroir. Only nature decides if they will or not be in each vintage.

Cuvée G: Grenache prevails.

Cuvée S: Syrah prevails.

The G & S Cuvées are aged in new oak barrels and result from a meticulous blend of our best vineyard parcels.

Côtes du Rhône Rouge

The truth of the Domaine is still present for this meridional interpretation of a classic wine from the Vallée du Rhône.

It is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Carignan.



Rue Nostradamus
30126 Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres
T: + 33 4 66 03 29 13

Press and Special Event contact: Stéphane HERENG
T: + 33 6 01 02 97 89

For a visit of the Domaine and our cellar, for a tasting session, please contact us.

The Domaine Coudoulis has a wine shop in Castillon du Gard:
Caveau de L’Estel
1 Chemin du Pont du Gard
T: + 33 4 66 03 29 13
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